HOP Commodities (HOPCO)

Ensuring Consistent Supply and Stability Across Africa

HOP Commodities (HOPCO), a flagship initiative under the House of Procurement (HOP), is dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural supply chain in Africa. By leveraging long-term agreements, future contracts, spot opportunities, and strategic local aggregation, HOPCO ensures a steady and reliable supply of essential commodities to manufacturers and retail partners across the region.

Our Vision:

To provide consistent supply and stability in the agricultural sector, ensuring that manufacturers have a reliable source of raw materials and retail partners can offer the best prices, ultimately contributing to food security and economic stability in Africa.

Core Capabilities:

The industry sectors we served include

  • plant

    Master Aggregation:

    HOPCO aggregates at least 250,000 tons of various crops, grains, cereals, pulses, beans, legumes, rice, wheat, maize, and even livestock during harvest seasons across different regions.

  • crop

    Commodity & General Trading

    We engage in comprehensive trading activities, sourcing commodities globally through long-term agreements, future contracts, and spot opportunities.

  • harvest

    Agricultural Management Services – Pre- and Post-Harvest

    HOPCO provides end-to-end agricultural management services, from pre-harvest planning to post-harvest handling.

  • value-chain

    Value Chain Financing – Pre- and Post-Harvest:

    We offer robust value chain financing solutions that support farmers and manufacturers throughout the agricultural cycle.

Core Capabilities:

The industry sectors we served include

Strategic Objectives:

  • Revenue Assurance for Manufacturers:
  • By providing a consistent supply of raw materials, we eliminate the risk of inventory shortages and production disruptions, ensuring manufacturers can operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Competitive Pricing for Retail Partners:
  • Our strategic aggregation across crops, seasons, and regions allows us to offer the best prices to our retail partners, enhancing their competitiveness in the market.
  • Food Security and Health:
  • HOPCO is committed to aggregating as much food as possible to combat hunger and promote health. Our efforts are augmented by CropSoko’s farming operations, which ensure assured off-take and sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Investment in Logistics Infrastructure:
  • We invest heavily in logistics infrastructure, both directly and through strategic partnerships, to ensure efficient transportation and storage of commodities.
  • Our participation in post-harvest management further ensures that agricultural produce reaches its destination in optimal condition.

Industry Impact:

HOPCO serves a wide range of industries that process food and raw materials, playing a critical role in supporting the food processing sector and ensuring that communities have access to nutritious and affordable food.

Commitment to Excellence:

HOPCO is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of its operations. Our focus on master aggregation, comprehensive trading, agricultural management services, and value chain financing sets us apart as a leader in the agricultural supply chain.


HOP Commodities (HOPCO) is more than a trading entity; it is a catalyst for change in the agricultural sector. By ensuring a consistent supply of raw materials, offering competitive pricing, and investing in critical infrastructure, HOPCO is committed to building a resilient and prosperous agricultural ecosystem in Africa. Join us as we work towards a future where hunger is eradicated, health is promoted, and economic stability is achieved through innovative and sustainable agricultural practices.