Investment Memorandum


The ODOTE Group: Shaping the Future of Commerce in Africa

The ODOTE Group stands as a dynamic conglomerate, driven by an unwavering commitment to revolutionize commerce across Africa. Our vision is to be the cornerstone of industrial and supply chain solutions, creating an ecosystem that seamlessly connects suppliers, customers, and consumers, thereby driving economic growth and industrial revival. We operate across a diverse range of sectors including distribution, port logistics, energy and communication, logistics, commodity trading, manufacturing and assembly, large-scale farming, export and import, global sourcing, microlending, leasing, and supply chain finance.

Comprehensive Ecosystem Integration:

  • We bridge the gap between suppliers and customers, ensuring efficient movement of physical goods.
  • Our logistics and port operations streamline import and export processes, enhancing trade efficiency.
  • Our facilities, from global suppliers to in-country and regional storage, ensure seamless operations.
  • Our service companies in finance and insurance provide comprehensive support to our supply chain.

Technological Innovation:

  • CropSoko Technologies Limited leads our technological advancements, developing cutting-edge solutions to optimize agricultural practices and supply chains.
  • We embrace AI and 4IR technologies to enhance efficiency and drive innovation across all operations.
  • Our tech-enabled businesses position us at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring we remain competitive and forward-thinking.

Industry Revival and Value Addition:

  • We are committed to reviving critical industries such as sugar and cotton, investing in modern manufacturing and assembly facilities.
  • Our large-scale farming operations focus on sustainable practices and high-quality production, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials for value-added products.
  • Diversifying into retail chains, megastores, and wholesale distribution, we ensure our products reach consumers efficiently.

Commitment to ESG and Support for SMEs:

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

We are dedicated to sustainable practices that benefit the environment, society, and our governance frameworks.

Support for SMEs

We provide pre and post-performance financing, ensuring small and medium enterprises thrive within our ecosystem.

Women-Owned Businesses

We actively support and promote women-owned businesses, fostering inclusivity and economic empowerment.

Dominating the Entire Value Chain:

  • Global Suppliers: We engage with top global suppliers to ensure the highest quality inputs.
  • Shipping and Logistics: Our robust logistics network, including port facilities, ensures timely and efficient transportation of goods.
  • Regional Storage Facilities: Our strategically located storage facilities support seamless distribution and supply chain management.
  • Manufacturing: We invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly facilities to add value and drive industrial growth.
  • Financial and Insurance Services: Our finance and insurance companies provide comprehensive support to our ecosystem.
  • Large-Scale Farming: We lead in sustainable and efficient large-scale farming, producing high-quality agricultural products.
  • Retail Chains and Megastores: Our expansion into retail ensures our products are accessible to consumers, supporting market reach.
  • Tech-Enabled Businesses: We leverage AI and 4IR technologies to drive innovation and efficiency across all operations.
  • Investment Arm: Our strategic investments in startups and listed companies ensure continued growth and innovation.

Our Vision for the Future:

The ODOTE Group is poised to lead Africa’s commercial transformation. We are dedicated to continuous growth, leveraging our robust infrastructure and innovative mindset to expand our influence across the continent and beyond. Our goal is to be the preferred partner for businesses, governments, and international investors, driving shared success through strategic collaboration and excellence in execution.


The ODOTE Group embodies the strength, determination, and vision required to shape the future of commerce in Africa. Like the rhino in our logo, we are bold, resilient, and unstoppable. We invite investors who share our vision of a prosperous Africa to join us on this transformative journey. With our comprehensive approach to solving industry and supply chain challenges, we are not just participating in Africa’s growth story—we are defining it.